The Mastermind is Comprehensive Life Consulting Training.

The Mastermind is a 12 week video conference training for Life Consulting. It’s capped at 10 individuals, so you will have ample interaction, support, and personalized training.

In addition, The Mastermind is unique because you will choose one MAJOR project to launch (a book, a life consulting business, a social media platform, weight loss journey, etc.). We, as a group, will provide you with support, encouragement, accountability, and direction.

You’ll also get an end-to-end training of life consulting (with weekly live demonstrations) AND tools for launching a business confidently.


Group Networking

Connect with 8-10 other individuals for consulting practice, support, and guidance.


Deep Training

You’ll learn the tools of life consulting with hands on examples and demonstrations.


Major Project Launch

You’ll choose one large project to create and complete!

The Life Consulting Mastermind is highly intimate. Each session will include a teaching, demonstration, and individual sharing and group support. Together, we’ll cover major topics, obstacles to launching (emotionally and logistically), and then you’ll be encouraged to meet one-on-one with the other students outside of the sessions. In these one-on-one sessions, you’ll be able to be consulted AND practice your consulting tools.

Here’s what the mastermind includes:

  • One Major PRoject Support

  • Email Support for 1 Year

  • Facebook Group Access

  • 12 PDFs Worksheets

  • 28 PAGE Consulting Tool Guide

  • 12 Live Video Conferences

  • Max. Group of 10 Students

  • 8 Practice Sessions

  • 8 Mini-Consulting Sessions

  • 12 Life Consulting Trainings

So How do I sign up?

The Mastermind costs $1997. There’s no hidden fees, upsells, or gotchas! I’ll give you everything I’ve got, and we’ll work together to help you launch confidently into your personal vision.

However, I can’t accept everyone. Due to “limited seating” and wanting to make sure we are roughly working on the same things…I do require that you send me a form with a little information BEFORE you have the ability to sign up. If you would be a good fit for this round of The Mastermind, I’ll send you an email with directions for signing up.

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