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Life-Changing Tools

Be equipped and inspired to bring emotional transformation into your life. 


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Join a group of like-minded individuals who also have a passion for bringing others deep life transformation.


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Learn some of the most cutting edge counseling and personal development tools.


What We're All About

Life Consulting Course isn't for everyone. It isn't about making millions of dollars, or becoming famous, or getting a ton of "followers."

It's a community of individuals seeking emotional health, who have a gift for counseling, and want to share that gift with others!

is this membership site for you?

Most people who start Life Consulting Course are always assisting their friends, counseling their family, or encouraging coworkers into being their best selves. 

  • Our members know, deep down, that they were designed to impact hundreds of lives...maybe thousands.

  • They have an inner voice telling them that life was meant to be more fulfilling and inspiring than what they're experiencing.

  • And lastly, most importantly, they know there is greatness inside of them...but they haven't known how to step into it, or for whatever reason, haven't felt empowered to live it.


Life Consulting Course is Unlike Any Program Available

You'll Be Receiving:

  • Ongoing Life Consulting Training
  • Interaction with Other Participants
  • Two Webinars a Month
  • Professional Guest-Host Training Each Month
  • A Private Online Facebook Community


  • 1 Training PDF Each Month
  • Practical Tools for Building a Business
  • Marketing Advice for Consultants
  • Personal Exercises for Your Growth
  • Relationship Training Resources

Experienced Life Consultant
Blair Reynolds



Blair likes coffee. He also likes water...when it has been poured through a filter of coffee grounds. Over the last several years, he's been a hybrid business and life consultant to hundreds of individuals and organizations. He brings a sense of humor to working with people, so that they can grow without the traditional pain of "getting emotionally well." He is the founder of, Co-Host of The Liberation Project, helped to create Entrepreneur Academy, and has his own Life Consulting practice. Apparently, he likes working. He also likes swimming...and Twix.


A New Life Awaits

If you are ready to join a small community of people committed to transforming other's lives, you're in the right place.