The All New Life Consulting Course

After teaching the course for years, and getting feedback from people like you,
we are ready to launch the most effective version of Life Consulting Course yet.


Deeper PRocessing

Instead of simply learning more information about emotional health, you’ll be immersed in a life-changing process.


Personally Transform

This 12 month course is paced for you to progressively renew your passions, purpose, fulfillment, and abundance.


Help Heal Others

When you get personal breakthroughs, you’ll become a catalyst to walk other people into new levels of freedom.


What We're All About

Life Consulting Course isn't for everyone. It isn't about making millions of dollars, or becoming famous, or getting a ton of "followers."

It's a community of individuals seeking emotional health, who have a gift for counseling, and want to share that gift with others!

is this Course for you?

Most people who start Life Consulting Course are always assisting their friends, counseling their family, or encouraging coworkers into being their best selves. 

  • Our members know, deep down, that they were designed to impact hundreds of lives...maybe thousands.

  • They have an inner voice telling them that life was meant to be more fulfilling and inspiring than what they're experiencing.

  • And lastly, most importantly, they know there is greatness inside of them...but they haven't known how to step into it, or for whatever reason, haven't felt empowered to live it.


How it Works.

Monthly Topic


Instead of going a mile wide and an inch deep, we decided to take one MAJOR topic a month and allow people to learn it and apply it comprehensively.

Exclusive Videos


With the new LCC (Life Consulting Course) you will have access to one video a month directly to your account. This video will cover topics, tools, and strategies we can’t share from any other platform. This is the secret sauce that we can’t just release to the public without someone’s investment in the process.

A PDF Curriculum


Each month we will be offering a 15-25 page curriculum covering that month’s topic. It will include information, questions, exercises, and additional resources. This PDF will allow you to deeply absorb the information so you can apply it in your life, or with those you care about.

FB Access


For annual subscribers, you will be invited to join a private FB group. Since this information is far deeper than anything we have covered before, it will be important for you to have a community to process the information, and ask any relevant questions. There will also be Life Consulting professionals who can answer your questions with first-hand knowledge.

More Options!


The new LCC provides an option of an annual subscription, or you can grab specific modules a la carte. With the annual subscription, you get 12 modules (one a month) for $1000. If you only want a few specific topics, you can purchase any month’s module for $129.

A Few Topics we’ll Cover

Month 1 - Reconnecting to Your True Emotions - Reconnect to your authentic emotions, passions, and intuition.

Month 2 - The 3rd Space – Learn how to separate from escape and performance, so you can live powerfully, present, and at peace.

Month 3 - The Abolition of Shame – Eliminate the No. 1 cause of discontent, anxiety, professional and relational issues, and self sabotage: SHAME!

Month 4 - Weight Loss and Body Health - Losing weight and feeling good about our bodies is emotional! Learn how to tackle this issue from it’s roots: your internal world.

Month 5 - Manifesting Your Ideal Self – Learn how to gain clarity on your ideal self, and how to engage with your most authentic and fulfilled self.

Month 6 - Restoring Your Mother and Father Wounds – Our relationship with our parents will dictate almost all of our lifetime relationships. Healing those wounds allows us to live freely, love deeply, and be attracted to HEALTHY people.

Month 7 - Why Forgiveness Doesn’t Work – Forgiveness is a must for almost every spirituality or healthy-living? But how come it doesn’t work, or doesn’t create freedom all the time? Learn how forgiveness can work…or why it doesn’t.

Month 8 - Building Authentic Self Value – Healthy self-confidence is necessary for a wonderful life. Not only will be enjoy life more, but we will extend that value and appreciation to others.

Month 9 - How to Be Happy – For many, maybe for most, happiness is elusive. Learn what happiness is, where it comes from, and how to consistently enjoy it. 

Month 10 - Healthy Romantic Relationships – Romantic relationships take work. But often we are working on the wrong things (spending untold amounts of energy and not getting breakthrough). Learn how to major on the majors to improve your love-life.

Month 11 - Discovering Your Passions – Life is too short to not have clarity on what brings us alive, and what is our utmost offering to the world.

Month 12 - Like Yourself, Love Yourself – Do you like yourself, do you love yourself? Do you know the difference? Learn how to come into alignment with truly loving AND liking yourself.

Bonus: Month 13 - Create an Online Business – Learn how to launch your online business (life consulting or otherwise) including marketing, using social media effectively, and building your business at minimal expense.

Pre-Enroll and Save Big

Life Consulting Course is launching on Nov 1st. But sign up now to receive a 35% discount.
Or, you can choose to break up payments over the next three months.

Life Consulting Course is Unlike Any Program Available

You'll Be Receiving:

  • Ongoing Life Consulting Training

  • Interaction with Other Participants

  • A Video Covering a Major Topic Each Month

  • Professional Guest-Host Training

  • A Private Online Facebook Community


  • 1 Training PDF Each Month

  • Practical Tools for Building a Business

  • Marketing Advice for Consultants

  • Personal Exercises for Your Growth

  • Relationship Training Resources


Experienced Life Consultant
Blair Reynolds



Blair likes coffee. He also likes water...when it has been poured through a filter of coffee grounds. Over the last several years, he's been a hybrid business and life consultant to hundreds of individuals and organizations. He brings a sense of humor to working with people, so that they can grow without the traditional pain of "getting emotionally well." He is the founder of, Co-Host of The Liberation Project, helped to create Entrepreneur Academy, and has his own Life Consulting practice. Apparently, he likes working. He also likes swimming...and Twix.


A New Life Awaits

If you are ready to join a small community of people committed to transforming other's lives, you're in the right place.