Life Consulting Course


The reality is that there are a lot of people that don't fit into the typical mold of "Therapist" or "Life Coach" that still have a profound gift for counseling. They have unique talents to bring transformation into people's lives, and we want these people to embrace their gifts.

One of the hallmarks of Life Consulting is that each consultant is different. Some are professionals, others counsel at their churches, and still others are just people wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. 

We all have distinctive talents, processes, and will use various techniques to help other's get breakthrough. The philosophy of Life Consulting gives us the flexibility to use a diverse set of talents and processes, so that each person can express their unique calling (and make as much impact as possible).

We do have best practices–and paradigms that we live by–but we are also open to adapting and evolving. We're looking for the best ways to work with our clients, and are continually discovering our strengths and unique talents as consultants.

If you know that you are a great at giving advice and consultation, but you want to become even better, this community will help. We work together, in a supportive and optimistic environment, to become the best possible people. 

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